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Taki’s Taverna Review – Vancouver

July 24th, 2009

After breakfast with Felix and Marcus, we met up later for dinner at Taki’s Taverna on Davie Street. The first choice was Stepho’s but Marcus suggested Taki’s since it was the same as Stepho’s minus the lineup. We went in and the server seated us at the very back. My nose is super sensitive and as I walked near our table, my nose picked up a fishy smell. I prayed the smell didn’t travel to our table or I’d be done for dinner. We had a fan and an air conditioning unit right by our table so it was nice and cool. I didn’t smell anything fishy either. Whew! I looked at the menu and noticed that prices of items were on average $3 more than Stepho’s. We were hungry so we ordered a calamari to start. It came fairly quickly and the flavour was nice, batter was nice and light but it didn’t stick to the calamari very well. » More: Taki’s Taverna Review – Vancouver

Stepho’s Greek Taverna Review – Vancouver

July 20th, 2009

Stepho's Greek Taverna

In the heart of Davie Street, this has probably got to be one of the most popular Greek restaurants in Vancouver. Lineups start before the restaurant opens and last until it closes. They only take reservations if there’s a minimum of 6 people and everyone must show up within 15 mins of the reservation time. Because it is so insanely busy, service will definitely be slow and lacking at times. However, the food is damn delicious and the quantity is amazing. I ordered a chicken souvlaki which came with half a plate of rice pilaf, roasted potato, chicken skewer, greek salad, and pita bread. You’ll be guaranteed to leave full or overstuffed. It was only $7.95 too! Because it was super super dark in there, I wasn’t able to take any photos but it is definitely worth waiting in line for if you have to wait. I give this restaurant 8/10. Service was the only lacking factor. Otherwise, it’s excellent!!!