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Ganache Patisserie Yaletown Review – Vancouver

July 22nd, 2009

When Peter Fong opened up Ganache Patisserie in 2003, he accomplished more than his dream. He offered possibly the best desserts any Vancouverite has ever tasted. Hidden in Yaletown, the store is not big but that’s exactly how I like dessert shops to be. It’s best if it’s small and cozy. When you enter, presentation already receives full marks. The pastries all look so beautiful and enticing that it takes a while to decide which one to try. I’ve tried the majority of the selections and I have to say I haven’t found one that I disliked yet. My top pick would be chocolat velouté but this time I decided to indulge in the fôret noir(black forest) while my friend chose the framboise et pêche(raspberry & peach). My fôret noir was heaven! Peter takes ordinary cakes like black forest, tiramisu, and cheesecakes and puts his own magical spin on them turning them into something elegant and to die for. It had layers of moist moist chocolate cake, kirsch syrup, vanilla chantilly cream, griottine cherries, chocolate chantilly cream. MMMMM!!! That chantilly cream is nice and rich but not rich enough to make you feel sick after eating it all. Their cakes are all just the perfect sweetness and they have artisan loose leaf teas that go perfectly with the desserts.

My only complain is that they don’t have a real espresso machine so if you order something espresso based, you will be disappointed for sure. I believe it is a cost they shouldn’t skimp on. Other than the fact that I’m a coffee geek, the perfect cup of coffee can really make a huge difference in the whole experience. Prices range from $5.50-$5.75 which I think is very reasonable for something so heavenly delicious. I give Ganache 8.5/10 stars. I wish I could give them full marks but the fact is that people need that perfect cup of coffee to complement their dessert. They are open from Tues-Sun and close fairly early except for Friday & Saturday nights when people need their dessert fix. It is in Yaletown so be prepared to spend some time looking for parking if you go on a Friday or Saturday night.

Thomas Haas Patisserie Review – North Vancouver

July 21st, 2009

Thomas Haas Patisserie

Champagne Truffle Cake

Tucked away in a little corner atthe very end of a street in North Vancouver is Thomas Haas, one of the popular fine chocolatiers in Vancouver. His chocolates are sold at fine gourmet markets such as Urban Fare and Granville Island. His main store in North Vancouver is right across from Bodwell School Academy so you will often find the store filled with students in school uniforms. The interior design is pretty and the outdoor patio is extremely relaxing. The downside is that parking is limited as well as seating. The store gets full very fast. » More: Thomas Haas Patisserie Review – North Vancouver